Grants available in Dorset

Funding to help your business take a step forward

We help Dorset firms unlock essential grant funding

Commercial growth needs cash for new operations and new assets, and to support new ideas. We can help you access cash through a variety of grant finance opportunities (part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund).

* Please note there are changes to the match funding requirements and eligibility criteria on Digital Capability and Capital Investment Grants for over £1,500 (see guidelines below). These changes will be implemented on any application submitted on or after 9th September 2019. To be considered under the old guidelines, applications must be submitted by midnight on 8th September 2019. *

Grants available:

Start-Up Grant
Completing our Business Essentials workshop entitles you to apply for our £1,000 startup grant - a valuable injection of finance for a new business. For more information, click below for the application guidelines and the Expression of Interest form:

Guidance for grant applications – Enterprise – 2019 (PDF document)

Click to download DBGP Grant EOI Enterprise template 2019 (Word document)


Digital Capability Grant
Successful applicants have used this grant to help fund innovative projects to enhance their digital capability. The grant is either £1,000 to £1,500 (match funded 1:1) or for larger projects £1,500 to £4,000 (match-funded 2:1). Click below for more details. 

Guidance for grant applications – Digital Capability - 2019 (PDF document)

Apply using this Digital Capability Grant Expression of Interest form 2019 (Word document)

"We just wanted to thank you for your help with the digital grant which we received recently and of course the UX workshop which set us on the path to the new website. It was all invaluable to us." Caroline, Morrish & Banham  


Capital Investment Grant

A grant of up to £4,000 to assist business growth by stimulating new capital investment. Applicant businesses will need to evidence a viable current financial position from which their growth strategy is planned. See the guidelines below for more details.

Guidance for grant applications – Capital Investment – 2019 (PDF document)

Click to download DBGP Capital Investment Grant EOI template 2019 (Word document)


Growth Grant
Looking to grow your business? A Growth Grant can help get your project off the ground. Funding of up to £10,000 is available (match-funded 3:1) for projects that create employment, growth and innovation. See the guidelines below for more details.

Guidance for Growth Grant applications - 2019 (PDF document)

Click to download DBGP Growth Grant Expression of Interest template  (Word document) 


YTKO Coaching and Consultancy Grant

Provided by our delivery partners at YTKO, this grant offers up to 25% cashback on consultancy services. To apply or for more information contact eastdorset@getsetforgrowth or by telephoning 0800 756 0811. (Please note you cannot apply for the Coaching and Consultancy Grant if you have already received a grant from Dorset Growth Hub)
Expression of Interest Form

How it works
We provide a rigorous and prompt process of grant application, approval and payment, because we know that businesses can’t afford to stand still. Key aspects of our service include:

  • Helping you define specific and measurable outcomes from the projects for which you’re seeking finance, and assessing the level of commitment required to achieve results.
  • Most of our grants require you to raise match funding and take a specified number of hours of support from our business specialists.
  • If our grant schemes aren’t appropriate for your business, our finance specialists can help identify alternative grant programmes or other routes to raising capital.

Please note
All grants are subject to the applicant (individual or organisation) being eligible for funding and in most cases, providing match funding.

Grants are only available to individuals or organisations that engage (or have engaged) with the Dorset Growth Hub for business support. 


Other Grants Available to Dorset Businesses:

AUB Equipment Access Voucher

Prototype and test new products with free access to Arts University Bournemouth’s world-class facilities including SLS 3D printing, CNC routing, 3 and 5 axis CNC milling, digital textile printers, spray rooms and vac formers. Also, access support from staff and students for solutions to design problems.

Application Form: AUB-ERDF Access Voucher

Equipment Capabilities List

AUB Research and Innovation Grants

A grant of up to £5,000 (match funded 1:1) to help your business develop new products or services. From prototyping to minimum viable product you can claim back up to £5,000 of your development costs for consultancy and equipment.

Eligibility Form 


Application Form 

For more information and to submit your application for the Equipment Access Voucher and/or Research and Innovation Grant, please send to