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Rural Development Programme England

The Rural Development Programme for England provides money for projects to improve agriculture, the environment and rural life.

Funding goes to schemes to:

  • improve the environment
  • increase the productivity of farming and forestry
  • grow the rural economy


Who can apply for funding

You may be able to apply for funding if you’re:

  • a farmer, grower or forester
  • managing land or woodland
  • a business owner in a rural area
  • a food business
  • living in a rural community

The new Rural Development Programme funding will start in 2015 and continue until 2020. Find about the new funding schemes.

Who is eligible?

Farmers/Land based businesses. Funding will support farm diversification projects that keep vital services, skills and money within the rural economy. Rural Micro-Business, communities, to broaden community involvement within the natural and cultural heritage and tourism sectors.  To find out if your project falls within an eligible area, visit the relevant website for the eligibility postcode checker.

In order to access the grants, match funding of up to 50% is required.

Click on this link to go to the RDPE  web pages:- https://www.gov.uk/rural-development-programme-for-england