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Selling & Advertising

Once you have understood your product or service, identified your target market(s) and developed a pricing strategy you need to consider how you will reach potential customers and make sales.

Before you decide how to tell people about your products and services consider first your promotional message. Why will customers buy from you rather than your competitors?

  • What does your business do best?
  • What are the unique points that single out your business? If you are already trading ask customers you and your suppliers.
  • Find your niche. What do you do that no one else is offering?
  • Small businesses are uniquely placed to maximise specialised markets because they can be flexible and adaptable and can react much more quickly to emerging opportunities.
  • Do you have a brand? Do you need a brand? What does your brand stand for?
  • If a customer buys from you what experience will they have? Are they buying the product or the experience?

Spend time on research. If you are going to be pitching to large clients familiarise yourself with their company and identify the right person you need to meet.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to tell potential customers you can consider how to get that message to them.