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Naming your business

The decision you make about what your business is called and how you brand it will affect every aspect of your venture. Corporate identity (Image) is everything! – It is a vitally important sales tool, all your marcomms (marketing communications) will need to show branding of some type – see the Corporate Identity Checklist in related documents for ideas of what may be required.

It is important the choice of name/brand, logo and strapline (e.g. this site’s strapline is: Your link to local business information);

  • Is not already in use by a competitor or well known to another product/service.
  • Suits the product/service – find and use the Unique Selling Point of your product.
  • Suits the market – the target customer age, gender, profession, income.
  • Is memorable, stands out from the crowd.
  • Does not breach any legislation – see companies house for further guidance.
  • Does not infringe another party’s trademark or trading style.

Click the following link to see the government’s guidance on trademark usage:-


Click this link to see our general content on intellectual property:-



If applicable, also consider the suitability to premises/location – check planning permissions with your district council – see Contacts.

Thorough market research is crucial as it will help establish whether there are already enterprises with a similar name/image and how competitors brand their product/service.

This research can also help with decisions about marketing strategy, budget and sales targets. See how successful local, national and international brands are promoted, by using the following methods:

  • Searching the internet
  • Market reports
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Business directories

Websites containing examples of corporate identity and image databases can also help with inspiration and production. Try different colours, typefaces, styles and layouts for business cards, flyers, labeling, shop front fascias etc… To ensure the branding design can be adapted to suit every required situation.

Find out how your chosen name, styling and strapline are perceived by asking friends and family, potential customers or business people in your target market.