Digital Capability Grant funds positive brand update

19 Dec 2018

Collaboration delivers a fresh brand for a business relocating to Dorset

The Work Well Hub brand is a result of  the collaboration between Sara, of Dorset Growth Hub, Rob, a Dormen business mentor, Lydia, an expert in building engaging brands and Renée, a business owner and workplace health expert.

Renée had been running a workplace health business called Midlands Workplace Wellbeing for seven years but after relocating to Dorset her once well-known ‘Midlands’  brand no longer seemed relevant. Added to this her change of priorities (starting a family and undertaking a Master’s degree) she felt the brand no longer represented who she was and what she stood for. 

After attending a Dorset Growth Hub one to one meeting with Sara, Renée’s fears of a poor brand were confirmed.  Sara quickly identified that for the business to grow three things needed to change: the brand, the website and Renée’s belief in herself.

Following the meeting Renée took on Rob, a Dormen business mentor and made a re-brand her priority.  She met with several digital organisations to establish they understood what she was looking to achieve and could create a brand and website within her budget. But they all came in with estimates above the funds she had set aside. Renée then heard about the Digital Capability Grant on offer from Dorset Growth Hub. She applied and was successful in being granted funding.

Through the help, support and the Digital Capability Grant Renée has built the brand and website she has today, for the Work Well Hub. Since the launch of the website in August 2018, Renée has seen a huge impact on the credibility of her organisation within the industry. Not only has the she taken on several new clients and expanded her free workplace health forum, she has also experienced a boost to her confidence and is now proud to stand in front of her brand Work Well Hub.