UX Insider: Users are real people too

29 Oct 2018

Good UX (user experience) is essential for the success of any digital project. Creating good UX starts with understanding people.


Did you know that Sony Interactive have a User Experience lab in London, that looks very similar to NASA’s mission control? Or that Facebook employs a team to travel the globe, to learn how people from different cultures engage with their advertising tools? Or that engineers at Google are actively encouraged to spend half their working day talking to people?

These are just three of the worlds we got a glimpse into at UX Insider. Over 100 UX specialists tuned in to hear eight inspirational speakers across a variety of subjects, from ethics through emotional storytelling in design, ending with a reminder that the digital revolution is all about people.

That users are people was the key message of the day. If technology, whether a website or digital device, isn’t designed for people first, it doesn’t stand a chance of being adopted in large numbers. Forcing people to use technology ‘the way the designer intended’ is the wrong approach. Creators of successful solutions (think Uber, Amazon, Instagram) have built their systems around the way people think and act.

UX Insider was the first event of its kind, organised by Bournemouth-based Experience UX. It drew it delegates from across the UK, helping to showcase Dorset as a centre of digital expertise and leadership. Congratulations to Ali Carmichael and his team for delivering a highly professional and inspirational day.