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Exporting can provide an excellent opportunity to expand your customer base and increase your turnover.

Although your business may have an established UK market, there’s often no reason why it couldn’t successfully compete overseas too, growing your revenue and profit.

Companies who export see a 34% increase in productivity in their first year of exporting; they are 11% more likely to survive and they benefit from operating in a more competitive environment; attracting and providing more opportunities for higher skilled workers

But before you start, you need to have sound knowledge of your would-be markets. You also need to consider whether your products are right for each target market and whether you have the necessary resources to start exporting.


Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Supporting Business Growth Through International Trade Services

Supporting Business Growth Through Exporting

The International Trade Services team at DCCI is available to offer support to businesses already exporting and can help your business with all your export requirements including documentation, payments, training and advice.

Boosting UK export performance is central to the government’s long-term economic plan. The goal by 2020 is to have 100,000 more businesses exporting than in 2010, boosting the value of exports to £1 trillion.  Working with organisations like British Chambers of Commerce and UK Trade & Investment, we believe we can play a significant role in helping meet the government target.

Figures for the South West illustrate how this is already happening, with companies performing strongly overseas. Since 2012 the value of exports has increased from £12.7bn to over £15bn in 2015, demonstrating the capabilities are in place to decrease the short fall of exporters in the UK.

We are aware the number of exporters in the UK is still low in comparison with rest of Europe which is something we want to address.

Browse through the international services below and find out more.


 For more information or to book contact Rob Booth or call 01202 714807 or go to our website train4export page:- http://www.dcci.co.uk/training


UK Trade and Investment


Exporting is GREAT – the demand is out there, you could be too!

With over 2,400 staff across 100 key global markets, no other organisation is better equipped to help connect your business overseas.

Through UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) you can gain access to an abundance of services to help you with all aspects of your export strategy.  Whether you are a first time exporter or if you want to find new markets, UKTI is here to help.

We have experienced International Trade Advisers who will act as your guide to help develop your international business strategy, as well as events, market research, training, webinars, trade shows and market visits; your journey will not be alone!

UKTI services can open doors overseas to help you:

  • Identify export opportunities  www.exportingisgreat.gov.uk
  • Reach customers/business partners otherwise not accessible
  • Overcome barriers to market entry or expansion
  • Access powerful research to inform key decisions
  • Create and grow overseas marketing including eCommerce
  • Give you access to the Overseas Business Network
  • Ensure you are equipped to deal with cultural and language differences

A world of opportunities awaits.


Click on this link Fluvial Innovations Case Study to download a Dorset case study

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Contact UKTI south West Office

Email:- uktisw@mobile.ukti.gov.uk


Export Britain

Export Britain is a cornerstone of the UK Government and British Chambers of Commerce partnership – Enhancing Overseas Business Networks – to strengthen the role of private sector in transforming the UK economy by doubling annual exports to £1trillion and increasing the number of UK exporters by 100,000 by 2020.

Find out more about Export Britain’s services here:-