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Health & Safety

Protecting businesses and employees

There is a legal responsibility from an employer or self-employed person for the health and safety of everyone affected by a business. This includes employees, subcontractors, visitors, customers and even members of the public affected by the products or services. There is also a responsibility for the environmental impact of a business. Carrying out regular risk assessments is a key part of identifying and controlling health and safety and environmental hazards. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website http://www.hse.gov.uk/simple-health-safety/index.htm covers the basics.

Business Essentials

  • Adequate facilities for eating, resting, sanitation and first aid. See related documents for the for the HSE guides.
    Display the Health & Safety Law poster – see the HSE site for further information.
  • A health and safety policy (a written policy for businesses with 5 or more employees) – see the HSE site page for examples and guidance
  • Risk assessments – see the HSE site page for examples guidance
  • Work equipment inspection records (required by law) – this includes lifting equipment, pressurised systems or local exhaust ventilation to control exposure to substances used at work – see the page carry out an environmental review of your business on the NI  Business website.
  • Written safe working methods
    Records of health and safety training carried out.
  • A valid employers’ liability insurance certificate – click the link to view the Insurance page for further information on what a business needs to cover.
  • A valid public liability insurance certificate – click the link to view the Insurance page for further information on what a business needs to cover
  • A disaster recovery plan – view a useful page from the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Management Toolkit in the below word document

The full Business Continuity Management Toolkit document can be found in pdf format on the right or by accessing – The BCI knowledge bank

Visit HSE’s website www.hse.gov.uk/business to find out what help is available for your business. You may also find it helpful to discuss matters with your trade association.

Contact details  for Health and Safety Executive www.hse.gov.uk

If you are unsure which is your local authority or how to get in touch with their trading standards and business regulation people please click on the link below. This website will ask for your postcode and will identify your local authority and other relevant government departments, with contact details for each regulatory team.   TalktoReg