WIX - Build A Website (On-Demand)

Build your business website using WIX.

( This is an On-Demand Course. This consists of pre-recorded lessons that you can follow along at your own pace accompanied by help via a DGH Digital Consultant )

You may think building a website is only for professionals. Well, drag and drop website builders and pre-made website templates are making website building accessible to all.

WIX is one of the most popular website builders specifically for all abilities to be able to produce fast professional websites. With this on-demand workshop, we will go through everything you need to know to be able to create your very own website using wix.com. Our Digital Manager, David Allison and WIX Expert, will deliver an engaging and practical step by step approach to building a WIX website from scratch.

Start off learning the basics of WIX and progress to more advanced lessons and finally build an example website.

The course has 19 modules:

  1. Wix Editor - Introduction 

  2. WIX Editor - Top Menu

  3. WIX Editor - Menus & Pages

  4. WIX Editor - Background & Site Colours

  5. WIX Editor - Add To Your Site

  6. WIX Editor - App Market

  7. WIX Editor - File Manager

  8. WIX Editor - Ascend

  9. WIX Editor - Strips

  10. WIX Editor - Columns

  11. WIX Editor - Gridlines

  12. WIX Editor - Image behaviour Within Columns

  13. WIX Editor - Header & Footer

  14. Cat Café - Preparing Our Theme

  15. Cat Café - Designing Our Menu

  16.  Cat Café - Footer & Homepage Strip

  17.  Cat Café - Finishing Home Page

  18. Cat Café - Contact & About Pages

  19. Cat Café - Mobile Editor