Dip into Digital

Our specialists provide support for all things digital

Our mission:

To help smaller businesses stay up to date with the opportunities and issues presented by the internet and the growing number of digital devices.

  • Our regular digital workshops cover a growing range of subjects that Dorset firms want to learn about, such as SEO, social media marketing, and user experience (UX) design.
  • Training and support are tailored to the level appropriate for the audience, from entry-level through to increasingly expert and specialist.
  • Helping Dorset businesses stay current on digital trends requires continual updating of our knowledge and skills, allowing us to share latest best practice.

How do we deliver?

Our growing body of knowledge is being made accessible across the county through a programme of events and meetings held at a wide variety of locations.

  • Our business engagement ranges from interactive workshops where businesses learn from specialists and one another, through to detailed one-to-one support sessions.
  • Our digital expertise is underpinned by working with a growing network of partner organisations, many of whom have experience with household name brands.
  • Audits, surveys and reviews allow our specialists to help you assess your firm’s performance in the world of digital competition.
  • We provide online learning environments to help businesses learn virtually

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