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30 Sept 2020



121 section on the dashboard no longer acts as a form to request a 121 however more of a place to display suggested subjects for the client. This encourages clients to email the account manager.

30 Sept 2020



Account manager information at the top of the support page. This has the account managers picture and email address first thing for people to see. This fits our brand of being human and friendly very well.

25 Jun 2020



Added the first page for short courses. 

This includes a search by keyword in title and description but also toggle buttons for suggested categories.

Courses are split into lessons and all easily managed by the content manager.

25 Jun 2020



Fixed an issue where searing for Ann's clients also showed Shannon's

12 Jun 2020



Speed Improvements 

The homepage is now about 200% faster from various speed improvements.

  • optimised the home page images.

  • Adjusted caching settings.

  • Removed external scripts.


  • New check/uncheck all for admins.

  • Improved the visual of checkboxes to more clear.

  • Fixed errors in wording throughout the site.

  • Added next page buttons for admin search.

  • Reordered admin search to show oldest first.

10 Jun 2020



  • Fixed an issue with saving data where if you entered information in to send an email and then changed dashboard options.

  • Changed the "Requested" & "Completed" statuses to only show when needed to avoid confusion.

  • Added progressive disclosure to the 121 section to simplify.

  • Email section disappears when not needed.

9 Jun 2020



Added a change log for staff to be able to see changes and improvments which may impact the way they use the site.

7 Jun 2020



Changed the user state management from being controlled from the send email button to being changed by a drop down alongside the consultant drop down. 

Consultants can update the state of the account without sending an email. 

Other states have now been added including ineligible and closed.

Change Log

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