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Marketing & Sales

Your sales and marketing plans are a critical part of your business plan and key to success at many levels, whatever stage your business is at.

  • Create a marketing strategy to help you identify your potential customers and target them with appropriate products or services; using the correct sales techniques will help you turn interest in your product or service into customer orders.
  • Create a marketing plan – this is the practical how, what and when of your marketing strategy, what you will actually do, how you will do it and when.
  • Forecasting and planning your sales this will help you with cash flow forecasting, supply chain management, staff planning and show potential problems.

Get advice on how you can avoid cashflow problems for your business and how to improve your finances in this short video.

Understand the market you are operating in; decide on a pricing strategy, selling & advertising strategy; think about how you will manage your customers…remember that market conditions are continually evolving and you must keep abreast of them and change your strategies and plans accordingly. These areas must be kept in mind at all times to avoid falling behind your competition.