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Trading Standards

Dorset Trading Standards offers free advice and guidance to businesses on all aspects of Trading Standards legislation compliance.

This service is available to any size of business within the County of Dorset. They will direct you to sources of information about the law and your rights or suggest other agencies who can advise you further.

Their aims are to promote and maintain:

• Provide the best advice to businesses, including farmers, to ensure they trade fairly and safely

• Identify and tackle problem traders

• Focus on the needs of vulnerable consumers to help safeguard their independence, health and well-being

• Ensure the food chain is safe, and animal disease spread is minimised, by animal health and welfare enforcement

• Ensure the contribution to public health and well-being from all trading standards activity is maximized


Dorset Trading Standards enforcement activity targets serious offences or widespread malpractices causing detriment to those residing and trading in Dorset. However, civil claims or disputes affecting you or your business, about a breach of contract, can only be pursued by you. They cannot; close businesses down, intervene on your behalf or mediate in contractual disputes, personally recommend businesses or investigate every individual complaint received.

www.dorsetforyou.com/trading-standards – Speak to a trading standards or an animal health advisor direct using the relevant contact details below:

Business advice line on 01305 224702 or 01202 224702 or fax us on 01305 224297.

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