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Renewal vote to open for Bournemouth’s two BIDs

With renewal ballot notifications now posted, Bournemouth’s Town Centre and Coastal Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are urging businesses to vote ‘Yes’.

Renewal vote to open for Bournemouth’s two BIDs

BID ballot notifications have now been posted to alert Bournemouth’s levy-paying businesses of the impending BID renewal. Ballot papers have been issued today; businesses will then have until 1 June 2017 to cast their votes. The vote asks Town Centre and Coastal businesses whether they want to continue to collectively invest in the future of their trading areas. First established in 2012, a ‘Yes’ majority in their ballots will renew the Bournemouth Town Centre BID and Coastal BID for a further five years respectively.

To date, the BIDs have invested over £6 million towards enhancing Bournemouth as a vibrant, attractive, safe and successful environment for all types of businesses to thrive. In the next five years both BIDs have extensive plans to invest more in communities and to provide more business support. By promoting and marketing Bournemouth as a first-class destination, they also plan to attract more visitors into the area throughout the year, creating new opportunities for businesses to thrive.

All businesses meeting the eligibility criteria will receive a postal ballot for their BID area. For the BIDs to be re-elected, both of the following conditions need to be met for each BID:

More than 50% of businesses that vote, must vote in favour of the BID

Of the businesses that vote, those voting ‘yes’ must represent more than 50% of the total rateable value of all votes cast.

A positive outcome will allow the BIDs to pursue their ambitious objectives and programmes for the 2017-22 period.

Paul Clarke, chairman of the Coastal BID said, “We have an ambitious vision for the next five years. With ballots on their way, we ask for the local business community to show their support. A ‘yes’ vote will enable more quality events and innovative marketing to improve our collective business prospects. These activities are only possible with the financial resources that we can bring together.’’

The BIDs are independent, not-for-profit companies with boards of directors made up of, and elected by, representatives from the businesses involved.

Martin Davies, chairman of the Town Centre BID said, “Over the last five years, we have continuously developed, adapted, improved and promoted Bournemouth as a unique and attractive visitor destination. To ensure that Bournemouth retains and deserves its enviable reputation as a leading UK tourism resort we must continue to invest. We urge you to vote ‘yes’ during the renewal ballot in May.’’

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