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Opportunity to work with Dorset growth Hub – linked web portal and crm system development



 CRM system and web Portal development for the Dorset Growth Hub  

  Dorset ERDF SME Competitiveness – Dorset Business Growth Programme

Issue date: July 2017

  1. Background

WSX has a simple mission – to provide practical, expert and trustworthy support that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to create sustainable success, in ways that benefit and enrich the wider economy and community.  We’ve been doing this successfully for almost 20 years in partnership with a wide variety of different funding and delivery partners. Over this time we’ve amassed a wealth of experience, knowledge and capabilities, whilst also building up an extensive network of close relationships with organisations and businesses across the South of England.
Our latest contract is to run a SME Competitiveness programme across all parts of Dorset, funded by the European Regional Development Fund with DCLG as the Managing Authority.


As lead partner for the project, we wish to procure consultancy services for the redevelopment and enhancement of our existing Salesforce CRM system and linked Web Portal, with ongoing support for the term of the project – April 2017 through to March 2020.



  1. SME Competitiveness Project Overview


The SME Competitiveness Project aims to help any Dorset-based SME to grow through a number of strands of activity. These include Access to Finance, Digital Capability and Growth, Leadership and management, and Pre-start/Startup Support. The project was launched in June 2017 and will run until March 2020.


There are a number of partner organisations and other stakeholders in the project.



2.0          CRM System/ Web Portal service requirements:


We wish to develop our usage of a crm system and website, with integration being a key factor.


We are looking to work with an experienced and dynamic consultancy that understands the project and landscape that we operate within.


The consultancy would be expected to work with WSX as lead partner to devise an evolution of the systems preserving the existing information and expanding the system to allow significantly more data to be collected and stored in a manner such that it facilitates the production of reports required by DCLG and ourselves, in order to fulfil contractual requirements and enabling us to shape the development of our services and events programming, that underpins our events and marketing


strategy for the term of the project. This might require the agency to attend meetings to both review and plan accordingly. It might also be necessary for the agency to liaise with the project partners and beneficiaries as necessary to ensure full understanding of the needs of the partnership relationships.


2.1        Scope of work: CRMS


The selected agency will be required to provide support across the areas listed below:


  • Review of current usage of the existing CRM system, with intention to redevelop (or replace it) to provide more efficient and enhanced functionality and working practices for internal and field based users, along with external partners, and to be directly linked with the redeveloped website.
  • Preservation of current records
  • Restructuring current data to integrate with any new layouts without loss
  • All data to be stored in such a way as to enable full interrogation for reporting and marketing purposes, for internal and external use.
  • Design of bespoke reports to facilitate such reporting with a minimum of data manipulation for contractual reporting to DCLG
  • Design and integration of new practices to improve the efficiency of field operatives use
  • Enable direct input from partner organisations
  • Enable direct input from our own and others’ websites data collection systems
  • Enable full functional use from mobile devices in the field
  • Ensure high levels of data security
  • Ongoing training and support for operators, especially during early implementation phases
  • Review meetings

2.2          Additional Requirements

The essence of the CRMS requirements can be summarised thus:

  • Tracking of activity/engagements/events etc
  • Managing Enquiries/KPI Outcomes
  • Communication with customers/partners and colleagues
  • Collaboration with customers/partners and colleagues
  • Store information relevant to cases
  • Management and production of Reports to specific requirements


The CRMS will provide WSX Enterprise with the functionality to store details of companies & contacts capturing all data fields specified within the business requirements document.

The CRMS will contain a Library module allowing users to store and categorise documents.

The CRMS will be simple and easy to understand and use

There will be a reporting solution allowing users to produce a range of statistical reports

Access to The CRMS is to be via a unique username and password that identifies each user account. Each user is presented with only the modules, content and functionality that is appropriate to their role within the organisation.

Other requirements are:-

  • Companies & Contacts Database
  • Enquiry Management
  • Property Database
  • Royal Mail Postcode Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Website Integration -the CRMS will be designed from the start to fully integrate with Dorset Growth Hub’s external-facing website.
  • Email Tool – facility to send emails to companies and contacts automatically saved as an activity against a contact’s record for audit purposes.
  • Calendar
  • Events
  • Document and File Library
  • Smart Reports – the reporting element of the CRMS will enable users to generate ad-hoc reports from the data that is entered and managed via the crms. Creating a report is to be a simple ‘drag and drop’ process to produce both tabular and graphical reports.
  • Time Sheet Management will allow users to manage their time on a project or task, track time by a customer or company and track and report the working time of each individual user.
  • System Administration – addition, editing and deletion of users and dropdown-menu options used throughout the system.
  • Smart Inbox – Emails sent to a generic email address are collected by the CRMS and made available via an inbox on the CRMS homepage.
  • Outlook Integration
  • Smart Locations – upload and view datasets using Google Maps
  • Proposal Generation
  • Smart Upload – data import facility so that company and/or contact data in CSV format can be uploaded by users into the CRMS.
  • Smart Mailer – mailshot facility
  • Email Validation – all email address entered into the system checked – format, domain and recipient  for validity.
  • Queries & Reports – the CRMS modules will provide a customisable search function for quickly finding specific records. In addition, the provision of the reports facility allows for an extremely sophisticated reporting function to be used.
  • Partner Access – We must be able set access to your various partners using a permission hierarchy.



2.3          Web Portal redevelopment and enhancement

                Please refer to section 2.0


2.4        Scope of work:


The selected agency will be required to provide support across the areas listed below:


  • Review of current system usage with intention to redevelop the system to provide more efficient and enhanced information delivery for all users, along with external partners and combining direct links with the crm system.
  • Ensure high levels of data security
  • Integration of comprehensive business knowledge bank
  • Capture of user data for marketing and reporting purposes, with direct feed of this information to a CRM system, to include identity and site usage details
  • Integration of tools from other providers (business diagnostics, finance access tools etc)
  • Development of mobile app
  • Enable full functional use from mobile devices in the field
  • Ongoing maintenance of curated content, where this cannot/should not be done at an internal level
  • Facility to publish content provided from external sources – guest blogs
  • Customisable log-ons for users with auto-generated bespoke content curated per user relevant to their needs/likes
  • Ongoing training and support for administrators, where content/platform permits, especially during early implementation phases
  • Snagging, routine maintenance ie ensuring platform software and API’s, plug-ins etc  are up to date and fit for purpose and fully functioning
  • Review meetings
  • All IP to rest with Dorset Growth Hub (WSX Enterprise Ltd)

Shortlisted agencies will be invited to present their approach to the above tasks and take questions during a formal discussion.


3.0        Please also provide the following information where appropriate:


  • Background information on your agency and its work
  • Some examples of relevant work you have undertaken with other clients
  • Any reflections you may have on this brief. Is it what you expected? Is there anything missing that you expected to see?
  • Details of your day rates and the level of service we can expect
  • Retainer charges if appropriate
  • Travel and any other costs to be applied



3.1          Timescales


The project officially launched on June 19th and so it will be desirable for the new system to be available and fully operational as soon as possible, and, in any case, within eight weeks of contracts being agreed and signed.


3.2         Tender key dates


Written proposals in electronic form are requested by Friday 25th August 2017 at 5.00 pm. Tenders received after this time will not be considered. A shortlist of three candidates will be selected and will be notified by close of play Friday 1st September 2017.

Detailed briefing meetings with the shortlisted companies to be agreed and to take place as soon as possible after this date and in any case no later than Friday 15th September 2017.

The successful company will be notified of their appointment electronically and by letter as soon as possible after that date.

The terms of the appointment will be on the basis of the contents of this brief; the tender submission; and WSX Enterprise Limited’s standard terms and conditions.



3.3          Response Requirements


Information required in proposals should include, though is not limited to:

  • Your agency’s standard company information, i.e. length in business, location(s), employee numbers etc.
  • Your company’s professional qualifications, memberships, certifications, etc.
  • Details of any partners, associates or sub-contractors who you intend to use
  • The proposed team, their roles and individual qualifications (e.g. short CVs), including those of any partners, associates or sub-contractors.
  • Description of your project development approach and process.
  • Breakdown of costs and identification of any recurring, additional or ongoing costs.
  • Your terms and conditions.

Your quotation for costs should be inclusive of all expenses and VAT.

Also, an electronic version of the tender should be sent to the Dorset Business Growth Programme Partnership Manager, Lucy.cooper@dorsetgrowthhub.co.uk by Friday 25th August 2017 at 17.00.


One copy of the tender should also be sent by post to the following address:


Anna Bornstein

WSX Enterprise Limited

Arena Business Centre Holyrood Close


Dorset BH17 7FJ


Note to Suppliers

This brief explains our requirements as we understand them at the date of issue. We reserve the right to amend the brief in part or entirety at any stage and we reserve the right to choose not to award this contract for any reason.