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Coaching & Mentoring


Dormen is Dorset’s own bespoke business mentoring service. It is a confidential service provided by volunteers who are drawn from experienced members of the business community and the professions.

Dormen recruits experienced business and professional people as volunteers to help small developing businesses by providing a mentoring service to them.



Mentors Me

Mentorsme.co.uk is Britain’s first online gateway for small and medium-sized enterprises looking for mentoring services.

The free site offers businesses access to a list of quality-assured business mentoring organisations across Britain. An easy-to-use search engine allows businesses to refine their searches according to the life stage of their business and their location in Britain.

Their objective is to help businesses find a mentoring organisation to suit their needs in a fast and easy way.

The site also allows business professionals to offer their services as a business mentor via the mentoring organisations listed. Aspiring mentors may want to work in a particular area of Britain and have a particular area of expertise to offer. There is a search engine that allows them to locate mentoring organisations that are the closest match to their profile.

Mentorsme.co.uk also aims to raise awareness about the benefits of business mentoring through its library of online resources, which includes articles about mentoring and case studies of successful business mentoring relationships.

For more information please go to www.mentorsme.co.uk.



Mentor-net offers business support for small businesses through mentoring across the south of England. It is a confidential business support service provided by the not-for-profit Mentor-net programme and volunteer Business Mentors, who are drawn from experienced members of the business community and the professions.

Email: info@mentor-net.co.uk    http://www.mentor-net.co.uk   Telephone: 0845 45 86 454


Growth Accelerator

Please note the announcement from Business Growth Service about its closure

Click here for more details on the BGS website