• Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Alternative Funding Finder

Below is a tool that can help you finance your business through the rapidly expanding Alternative Finance sector. Where the conventional methods of financing may not be possible, these new platforms may be more useful. They include platforms offering peer-to-peer loans, equity funding, invoice funding or property based lending. By entering as many details as possible in the form we can instantly give you a very clear idea of what you will need to do as a borrower to access the funding you require and which would be most applicable for your scenario.

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Funding Criteria

Select which types of funding you would be interested in utilising.

What kinds of funding are you considering?

Select the amount that you would like to access.

Amount (£)

For loan types that require repayment, select the time period over which you would like to repay.

Loan duration

What is the maximum interest rate on the loan that you are willing to pay?

Interest rate cap (%)

Approximately how much is your company currently worth? Platforms will use this to determine how much they are willing to lend.

Business valuation (£)

For invoice funding type loans, how long is it until the invoice will be repaid? This is important for the platforms to know how long until their loan will be repaid.

Invoice duration (days)

About Your Company

How is your business structured? Some platforms only lend to companies with particular levels of liability assurance.

Type of business structure

What currently is your business's annual turnover? This will give platforms assurance that your company will be able to repay the loan.

Size of turnover

How many years has the company been operating? The longer your company's track record, the more likely platforms will be willing to lend it money.

Years in business

Has your business ever had bankruptcy notices or any Civil Claims Court judgements against it? Some platforms will not deal with businesses that have had problems of this nature in the past.

Has your business ever had any Civil Claims Court judgements or bankruptcy notices?

Are you willing to offer a personal guarantee on behalf of your company. For certain funding scenarios this will be required.

Are the Directors willing to offer personal guarantees?

Do you have a fully formed business plan for your company? For early stage equity funding this is a requirement.

Do you have a business plan?

Is your company already collecting a revenue? Most platforms will only lend to young companies if they already have a cash-flow.

Are you already generating revenue?

Invoice lending type funding platforms prefer to lend against invoices to well established clients.

Is the client a well known big business?

Some invoice lending platforms will only lend against invoices in pound sterling currency.

Is it a British pound sterling transaction?